Security, Compliance, and Confidentiality Assured

Your sensitive data is protected by industry-leading security standards.

Our policies are client-centric and make it simple: GPs need to protect their data and CEPRES systems help them to maintain full control while meeting the analysis demands from their LPs or regulatory bodies.

CEPRES services some of the worlds´ largest and prestigious market participants, who trust us because we maintain the highest data security standards and protect their confidentiality at all times.

CEPRES is committed to protect your privacy and confidential data and therefore we promise our members:

  • Confidential membership with no publicity or media intrusion
  • Data are hosted in user owned Confidential Data Rooms with highest security levels access control
  • All data anonymized and protected from scrutiny
  • No third-party resource involved in data management
  • SSL transmitted data is far safer than sending by email
  • Strongly encrypted data hosted in dedicated, secure data centers
  • Data held onshore in Germany; one of world’s most secure data protection environments