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  • 2001: CEPRES established as scientific institute to help investors optimize private equity/ debt portfolio performance
  • 2005: Developed investment advisory and track record due diligence database based on deal level transactions analysis
  • 2006: Expanded coverage to include Infrastructure, Private Debt, Special Situations and Distressed, in addition to Buyouts, Venture and Growth
  • 2007: Under Deutsche Bank umbrella, leveraged global network and investment advisory platform to support institutional LPs on Portfolio Strategy and GP selection
  • 2008: Engaged by Government and Sovereign Institutions (e.g. German Ministry of Economy, European Investment Bank, etc.) to optimize investment strategies
  • 2010: MBO from Deutsche Bank AG to become 100% independent company and deliver higher proficiency to private equity participants
  • 2012: Enhanced international presence with offices in New York, London, Munich and Singapore
  • 2014: CEPRES operates as an online Investment Decision Platform delivering expertise to the World’s Private Equity Community
  • 2015: $ 1.5 trillion of asset allocation, due diligence and risk management has been conducted by CEPRES platform and network
The Story

Following major losses from the dotcom crash, a forward thinking collaboration of LPs, GPs and econometric thought leaders founded CEPRES in 2001 with the goal of ‘improving investment decisions in private capital markets’. CEPRES has a unique heritage that combines the best of scientific research and first-hand industry experience, which culminates in a comprehensive platform that is innovative, relevant and unrivaled.

Transparency is the key, confidentiality is the lock

Unsatisfied with just fund level returns, where traditional quartile benchmarking is grossly inadequate for a truly professional investment analysis because underlying assets drive returns, risks and cash pace in reality, CEPRES set out to redefine the industry norm.

Working from within the industry and partnering with scientific experts, the CEPRES team developed a unique proposition to deliver aggregated analysis in return for asset level data (with guaranteed confidentiality) and established the first-ever community of independent LPs and GPs, all in the name of improving transparency in an otherwise opaque industry.

The key to CEPRES’ continued success is its confidentiality guarantee to its community members, data contributions and analysis results, proving that improving market transparency and maintaining individual privacy can go hand-in-hand.

Cepres global reach into niche markets

As well as the most detailed information on European and US buyout and venture transactions, CEPRES is just as valuable in the context of niche strategies and emerging markets, where our coverage and investment access far outstrips any other source.

For growth, private debt, infrastructure and distressed in both developed markets and new economies like Asia, Latin America, Africa, CEPRES leads the way by delivering analysis by country, sector, ticket size, use of proceeds and even whether a Board Seat helps improve returns and minimize losses!

The investment decision platform

A truly professional grade investment decision is based on much more than just data and analytics. It is also about being plugged into the private capital markets community, staying abreast of the latest headline news and online chatter, and being connected with the rising or hidden stars in the industry. Building on its proprietary suite of analytical tools including the PE.Analyzer and an ever-growing network of community members, CEPRES is launching the online private markets networking platform PE.Watch, which will allow investors and managers to share profiles more readily and efficiently. For members who want to network in an even more focused and exclusive basis, CEPRES is also launching SmartConnect, a powerful service that allows participants to reach farther and deeper into niche market segments around the world like never before.
At CEPRES, the innovation never stops because the private capital markets are constantly evolving. From data, to analytics, to networking and everything in between, CEPRES is your partner across the entire investment value chain.
CEPRES – The Investment Decision Platform.