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CEPRES  –  The pioneer of Private Market Data Exchange

CEPRES services some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated market participants who trust us because all data is primary-sourced and verified, we maintain the highest data security standards and protect their confidentiality at all times. Our policies are client-centric and make it simple: we will never share your private information.

Since 2001, we have developed unique expertise to assist GP, LPs, FoF, Administrators and Asset Servicers in the exchange and the management of private market data in an orderly and efficient way. GPs maintain full control over their data, all users can use our standard analysis adopted by over 1'000 LP organizations worldwide, or create your own, and then share privately with colleagues via dashboards.

Our bespoke data services are extremely flexible, efficient and save significant time & resources to our clients.

Don't fall behind and learn how data can transform your business with high pace

CEPRES helped the industry to make their business more valuable with the power of data.

Streamlined Data access directly with digital data channel between LPs, GPs, FoF, Administrators

"Digital Data Hub": Secure, confidential & direct Data Exchange Hub and Collection Service.

Managed Data Services by CEPRES Data Intelligence, Legal and Mediation teams

Rely on CEPRES data-processes, -warehousing and -teams that take care of GP/LP mediation, legal, and data verification.

CEPRES Data Mediation process

1000’s of LPs & GPs, Consultants & Advisors, Agents & Auditors, M&A professionals & Service Providers representing over $27 trillion of private investment value, benefit from membership of the CEPRES global community. Pensions, Insurance, Endowments, Sovereign Wealth, FOF Advisors and more interact with Buyout, Venture, Growth, Debt, Distressed and Infrastructure GPs from across the world. Members gain access to the most advanced investment analytics in the world for private markets and can also interact together for mutual benefit.

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