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AIC Partnership


True transparency of 300,000+ private market transactions

AIC is proud to partner with CEPRES, a global leader in investment decision analytics for private capital markets. CEPRES’ PE.Analyzer is an interactive online platform that synthesizes 40 years of investment expertise with deep data mining of GP track records and investee companies. Users can drive their decision-making by leveraging CEPRES’ insights on performance and risk attribution from single deals to the portfolio level. Through our partnership, AIC members can access an exclusive version of PE.Analyzer for free or upgrade to premium versions at a significant discount.

PE.Analyzer is a Fintech platform and part of the CEPRES Investment Decision product family. PE.Analyzer combines the thought-leadership of over 400 leading LPs and is endorsed by ILPA, the world’s largest LP association. Therefore it delivers GPs deep insights into the LP Due diligence process and parameters driving their commitment decisions. Via the platform GPs can see how LPs will evaluate their track record, benchmark their funds, deals and portfolio companies and using private data rooms permission their LPs to share their track record and dramatically increase efficiency of due diligence requests.

The American Investment Council (AIC) is an advocacy and resource organization established to develop and provide information about the private equity investment industry and its contributions to the long-term growth of the U.S. economy and retirement security of American workers. Member firms of the AIC consist of the country’s leading private equity and growth capital firms united by their successful partnerships with limited partners and American businesses.

PE.Analyzer Versions
  1. Secure data rooms to upload track record data in full privacy
  2. Enhanced One-Click LP Screening Sheet as used by ILPA members that enables GPs to get a first insight on the LPs’ due diligence view
  3. LP-centric Track Record verification & optimization for GPs, including all relevant risk and return analyses of track record, such as:
    • Fund and deal capital deployment
    • Deal geographic and industry exposure
    • Fund and Deal returns by year
    • Default, loss and recovery analysis
    • Fund and deal J-Curve analysis
    • PME analysis to major world markets
    • Return distribution analysis
    • Value creation analysis

As AIC version with additional functions:

  1. Deep dive analysis to identify hidden strengths
  2. Extended fund and direct deal analysis with PMEs (Public Market Equivalents) across global markets
  3. 80+ Filters for granular slice and dice analysis
  4. Fund and Deal return and risk benchmarking versus 44,000 private investments
    • Compare funds and deals versus specific peer group
    • Set benchmark criteria by Country, Sector, Stage, use of Proceeds, Deal Size and many more
    • See side by side Risk and Returns of by Year, Size, Sector, etc…

As Professional version with additional functions:

  1. Operating analysis and benchmarking to $10.9 trillion EV of PE-backed companies
    • Pricing Multiples, Leverage Ratios, Value Creation and Debt Pricing
  2. PowerAnalyzer for advanced and custom track record evaluation and verification
    • Geographic map analysis: What are my regional vs global strength?
    • Partner attribution: How does my composition & correlation of our partners’ performance leads to portfolio risk diversification?
    • Risk adjusted alpha returns and beta market correlation: What is the track record outperformance to public and private markets? What is the hedge of an investment into GP’s strategy against market shortfalls
    • Correlation analysis of operating metrics to investment outcomes
    • And more…