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ILPA Partnership

CEPRES ILPA Partnership

Formed to Improve Private Equity Due Diligence Quality and Transparency

The partnership between The Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA) and CEPRES is based on a simple premise:
investing in private equity should be transparent and efficient to allow for a better understanding of the
risk and return characteristics of private equity, and hence, smarter investment decisions by LPs
and superior returns for their beneficiaries.

ILPA Benefits

Benefits of the CEPRES ILPA partnership

The centrepiece of the partnership is CEPRES’ flagship product, PE.Analyzer, an innovative due diligence system
for private markets in a secure online platform. PE.Analyzer provides an easy user interface that puts decision makers
in control of the analysis they need to make confident commitment decisions.

It delivers detailed track record analytics and benchmarking for private markets to help underwrite fund investments
and direct/co-investments. ILPA members are welcome to join the CEPRES world.

Through this partnership, ILPA members can:

  • Access an exclusive version of PE.Analyzer for free
  • Drive their decision-making by leveraging CEPRES’ insights on performance and risk attribution from single deals to the portfolio level.

  • Upgrade to premium versions PE.Analyzer at a significant discount.

  • Leverage CEPRES’ data management process

  • Access the CEPRES knowledge center CEPRES Learn for training and guidance on how to perform institutional grade private equity due diligence

  • Join now as ILPA member and benefit from CEPRES Insights


CEPRES is the global leader in private equity innovation
and thought-leadership

CEPRES, formerly known as The Center of Private Equity Research, is a pioneer in the industry having been established in 2001 and being the first to develop institutional-grade analysis methodologies based on scientific research. With a management team consisting of experienced private equity investment professionals, CEPRES is a fintech that designs and develops technology based solutions that serve real world applications in the industry and have immediate positive impact on private equity investment workflow.
While information technology has had a phenomenal and revolutionary impact over the past 20 years on the financial markets and the broader finance industry, from stock and bond investing, to hedge funds and FX trading, the private equity industry has been quite isolated and left behind from these positive developments. Private equity business is still being conducted in much the same way it has been for the past 30 years while the rest of the world has moved on. CEPRES is on a mission to change that and bring private equity investing into the 21st century with integrated and quality-engineered solutions that benefit both the fund managers (GPs) and the investors (LPs).

CEPRES has what ILPA members look for

CEPRES provides an online investment decision platform where 100s of LPs and GPs interact in complete privacy.
LPs gain deep insights on new markets, forecast investment outcomes and enhance due diligence
to drive better investment returns. GPs verify and precisely benchmark their funds, deals and portfolio companies
and find new sources of capital from around the world.

Key objectives of CEPRES

  • Improve the quality and efficiency of information flow between fund managers and investors

  • Leverage technology and new processes to eliminate the unnecessary waste of time and resources during fundraising (GPs) and due diligence (LPs)

  • Provide investors with tools and solutions at their fingertips that enable them to easily make smarter investment decisions and generate higher returns for their beneficiaries