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Institutional Investors (LPs)

Institutional Investors (LPs)

Unprecedented analysis to underwrite
your investment decisions

  • Asset allocation and investment strategy
  • Screen funds and direct/co-investments
  • alpha and ßeta comparison to public markets
  • Portfolio forecasting and VaR
  • Performance and risk attribution
  • Index(es) for true market comparison

LPs often contend with limited resources and tight budgets, which limit your ability to make the best choices in complex investment decisions. CEPRES delivers meaningful analytics to help you make better investment decisions with more efficiency. CEPRES uses proven scientific methods and gives you an audit trail of evidence to present to your investment committee and underwrite your decisions with confidence.

With CEPRES self-service platforms you can

  • Analyze your portfolio versus market ßeta to prove your strategy
  • Screen new investments quickly without wasting time with data entry
  • Find risk, return, loss and liquidity evidence to underwrite your decision


With PE.Analyzer you see detailed market risks & returns of 39,900 funds & directs ($7 trillion value) so you can select the best strategies.

Your portfolio analytics are instant on PE.Analyzer – saving countless days of Excel work:

  • Performance attribution
  • Risk and default analysis
  • J-curve analysis
  • Portfolio concentration

As a CEPRES member you get online screening and due diligence analytics fast and free. Just ask the GP and our team do the dirty work… saving you from tedious data entry tasks and freeing your time for the investment analysis and decisions.

Give your Board cash projections for your portfolio based on proven forecast models. Our models are back-tested with an 87% R2 correlation – the best in the industry. PE.Forecast delivers projections for every fund and your whole portfolio – adjust commitments and strategies and see how it impacts your future cash.

With PE.Forecast you load your current portfolio, forward calendar (re-ups, etc.) and future allocation plans. PE.Forecast tells you the year-by-year Net Asset Value (NAV) you can expect to achieve. You get the commitment plan needed for your target NAV for next 25 years.

Are you worried about your investments if interest rates rise, or markets go down? With PE.Forecast you test your portfolio against macro factors like interest rates, F/X, terms of trade, etc. You get an impact on cash and NAV and a full analysis for your risk team with with VaR, LGD, Moments, etc. You can take defensive steps to protect your return targets and mitigate for the next economic crisis.

With this unprecedented analysis at your fingertips, you can find the answers that help you determine what investment strategy makes most sense for your particular ALM needs, e.g.

  • Do local managers outperform foreign managers in emerging market economies and is this the same for buyout vs growth vs venture?
  • Does having a Board Seat impact on the losses for venture investments?
  • Are consumer sectors better vs industrials in periods of macro-economic uncertainty?
  • When might I expect to break-even on alternative energy infrastructure brownfield investments and does this vary by region or country?

PE.Analyzer makes your job much easier and quicker, so you can focus on the real value-add that your judgement brings:

  • Easy, automated loading of GP track records and delivered to you with no work effort
  • Self-defined screening criteria based on strategy, sector, ticket size, country and 80+ other criteria
  • Compare each GP versus a true peer group and your own portfolio success to quickly see whether they are additive and worth due diligence
  • 360 view including returns, losses, volatility and cash pace so there are no surprises or hidden issues
  • Full deal-by-deal analysis and cash flows support thorough due diligence and verification of repeatability

With one-click export to excel and formatted charts and data, PE.Analyzer also is a great portfolio reporting tool and data feed for your internal risk models.

  • Easily report whole portfolio or for specific sector, strategy, region, fund or deal, etc.
  • See IRR, cash multiple, inter-quartile range, variance, loss rates, cash pace and many other key metrics
  • Automatic look-through attribution by sector, strategy, region, size and year for return and loss metric
  • Analysis down to individual fund and investment level with direct comparison to peer investments in wider market

Where others provide only fund level IRR based indices that don’t reflect the underlying asset performance, the CepreX provides the most meaningful way to compare private markets vs public market performance:

  • Based on modified Case-Schiller method as proven in real-estate market
  • Asset level index that truly reflects the comparative mark
  • Not contaminated with mixed market investments or fund level cash events
  • Real, smoothed annualized index, rather than asynchronous yearly IRR calculation