Administrators and Custodians (Asset Servicers)

Administrators and custodians require comprehensive solutions to manage multiple investment structures across all asset classes in the private markets, while also streamlining processes and optimizing operational efficiency. CEPRES offers proven solutions for the asset servicing industry, to help achieve their goals, such as enhancing business returns and being able to focus on key strategic areas. Use CEPRES Limited Partners and General Partners solutions to comply with changing regulatory frameworks and increasing, labor-intensive reporting requirements, demands for much more granular data capture and warehousing.

Using CEPRES' Digital Data Hub and customizable analytics platform, Administrators or Custodians can efficiently ramp up a secure dataflow management process, with access to the most granular company or Real Estate based private capital information. They can leverage their individual models or use standard CEPRES analysis frameworks. Additionally, they can grant access and provide their clients with a digital monitoring experience. CEPRES expert teams standby, assisting where appropriate, during the data collection and management processes. With high-quality and standardized data to provide deeper levels of transparency and disclosure, improve critical insights for private capital investors.

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