Fund of Funds and Asset Managers

Fund of funds and asset managers need flexibility to cope with changing regulatory frameworks and increasing reporting demands from their investors. This requires much more granular data capture, warehousing and analysis technology to fulfil those demands fast and easy on budget.

Jumping on the CEPRES Digital Data Hub and customizable analytics platform, fund of fund or asset managers can leverage their individual models or use standard CEPRES analysis frameworks while simultaneously being enable to drive massive data flows that support their own business. CEPRES expert teams stand by to assist where appropriate.

With high-quality and standardized data to provide deeper levels of transparency and disclosure, they can improve critical insights for investors. Fund of funds and asset managers can quickly ramp up an infrastructure and investors service that differentiates them from the competition.

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At the heart of all CEPRES solutions is The Digital Data Hub. This unique technology has catapulted CEPRES to be the single largest platform used to gather verified private markets data in the world today – currently encompassing transactional data on over 7,000+ funds, 70,000+ deals and operating data of $26+ trillion of invested companies & real assets!

  • A Secure Digital Data Network & Managed Data Collection Service

The CEPRES Digital Data Hub is an award winning* Data Management Service that efficiently gathers & manages all your or your clients’ fund, deal and asset level metrics from GPs. Leverage the world’s largest private investment network to securely source the most valuable and accurate data direct to your desk. CEPRES works hand-in-hand with your GPs to handle all legal, security and data sourcing challenges on your behalf and delivers verified data electronically for your consumption. Build your own data network while benefiting from CEPRES leading technology and managed data services.

Either load and process the data in your chosen database or combine with CEPRES’ own Award-Winning Portfolio Monitoring system for efficient straight-through-processing

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  • Portfolio Monitoring

Manage and report on complex liquidity terms, calculations and scenarios. Analyze current investments and monitor asset allocation.

  • Risk Management

Simulate NAV and cash flow scenarios using a proprietary bottom-up, value-at-risk model for single deals, funds and portfolios, turning risk measurement into a value-enhancing strategy.

  • Forecasting

Forecast cash flow, return, NAV development and receive probability distributions influenced by macro factors like interest rates, F/X, terms of trade, etc.

  • Sharing Customized Dashboards

Share all your client focused knowhow or analysis on fully customizable client dashboards. Enrich quantitative out-of-the-system analysis with own text, PDF documents, Excel models, or emotional videos. Build your delivery library that serves each client according to its specific needs within seconds and gets instantly updated with the latest data delivered by the GPs to promote your and their investment efforts.

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  • Faster Due Diligence

Customizable and complete track record analysis with drag and drop analysis functions for most granular analysis down to company P&L level.

  • Performance & Risk Benchmarks

Deepest, confidential benchmarking of your deals down to companies’ P&L Level.

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  • Leading Benchmarks

Market-leading benchmarking options on fund, deal and company operations level. CEPRES benchmarking include not only IRR benchmarks but also several risk and operational benchmarks that uniquely help to understand your companies systematic and idiosyncratic outperformance or operational risks level.

  • Market Research

Gain deeper insight into the true drivers of enterprise value value to get the information you need for creating more effectively investment strategies or due diligence on behalf of your clients.

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  • Investor Reporting

Quickly create visually stunning reports for your stakeholders.

  • Investor Portal

Share your digital dashboards reports and analysis with invited parties.

  • ESG Reporting

Respond efficiently and deliver the ESG data that LPs need.

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  • Cash, NAV and Return Forecasting

Use CEPRES multi-factor predictive models to forecast cash flows, NAV, IRR and MOIC of each of your investments and whole portfolio. Generate variable outcomes with different market conditions and see real probability distributions to understand how your ALM will be impacted in different markets.

  • Commitment Planning

Test different future allocation models and commitment plans to see how they will impact your portfolio NAV, performance and liquidity over the next quarters, years and decades. Don't rely on simplistic linear models that don't react to market conditions for your portfolio planning.

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