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As a busy professional working for a fund manager (GP) you face complex issues. As a Deal professional, about to get your deal through the investment committee, or in Investor Relations, raising capital in a consolidating market and having to keep up with the latest ILPA templates. Or in the CFO office, having to meet ever increasing LP demands for data and analyses on the portfolio. All have one thing in common – the demand for data! Our General Partner Services are tailored to those needs.

Without quick access to data, you can be left working late nights and weekends to meet the most basic information demands. This leaves you exposed to losing the next big deal or missing out on a strategic LP who chooses another fund for their capital. But with high quality data via CEPRES at your fingertips you can quickly analyze and share analyses that help underwrite your deal with the investment committee or convince LPs to invest.

CEPRES has developed the first Digital Data Hub for Private Markets. This delivers the most comprehensive set of solutions ever to empower GP professionals with all the data and analytics you need to collect, analyze, manage and share investment insights with your colleagues and LPs. All through a secure, easy to use, digital platform that you can configure in minutes to provide you answers that others take months or years to deliver.

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At the heart of all CEPRES solutions is The Digital Data Hub. This unique technology has catapulted CEPRES to be the single largest dataflow-manager of verified private markets data in the world today – currently encompassing transactional data on over 7,000+funds, 70,000+ deals and operating data of $26+ trillion of invested companies & real assets!

  • A Secure Digital Data Network & Managed Data Collection Service

The CEPRES Digital Data Hub is an Award winning* Data Management Service that efficiently gathers & manages all your fund, deal and portfolio asset level data. Leverage the world’s largest private investment network to aggregate and securely share the most valuable and accurate data with your colleagues and LPs. CEPRES works with you to handle all legal, security and data sourcing challenges so you can easily share data and analyses in a secure environment fully under your control. Build your own data network while benefiting from CEPRES leading technology and managed data services.

Either load and process the data from your chosen database or combine with CEPRES’ own Award-Winning solutions for efficient straight-through-processing.

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  • Pre-Marketing Support

Instantly analyze your fund, deal and portfolio metrics to identify your strengths and benchmark versus your peers. Create custom analyses that prove your outperformance and create presentation quality materials to add to your marketing deck and PPM. Impress LPs with your deep market knowledge and give them all the analyses they need to underwrite their commitment to your fund.

  • DDQ Support

Respond in minutes to LP DDQs about your track record, portfolio companies and ESG topics. Don’t waste hours or be unresponsive to LP demands when you can produce all the analyses you need in seconds. Create and share directly with your LPs in a secure digital environment. With instant support for topics like PMEs, Value Creation, Loss Rates, IRR by F/X, Public market correlation, ESG impact and much more, never get caught again not being ready to respond.

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  • Visualization & Reporting

CEPRES helps you transform all your investment & company data into actionable insights. Build dashboards with visual analytics in just a few clicks. Share your Dashboards securely with colleagues and LPs to make an instant impact on their investment decisions. Incorporate limitless types of charts and tables combined with headers and structured commentary alongside embedded PDFs and Excel sheets.

Instantly generate drag-n-drop reports and impress your Investment Committee to promote your deal. Likewise show LPs deep insights on your investment strategy via digital dashboards or printed reports that give them the evidence for their board and the confidence to invest.

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  • Deal Comps & Operating Metrics

With the largest verified dataset for private markets transactions, get all the deal comps you need. From deal returns and loss rates to Portfolio Company metrics like leverage, pricing and revenue growth to compare your deals versus market peers. Analyze and deeply drill down market data  consisting of 70,000+ deals worth over $26+ trillion, invested across 7,000+ funds, to find all markets’ deal comps you need.

  • Fund, Deal & Company Benchmarks

Use CEPRES universe of 7,000+ funds, 70,000+ deals and 700,000+ transactions to find all the benchmark answers you need. Benchmark fund, deal and operating metric performance to prove your strategy to your LPs. Measure your investments versus both private and public markets (via PMEs) to show how you meet LP risk and return targets better than your peers.

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The CEPRES Investor Portal is a secure, dynamic online hub that gives your LPs access to individual investment data under your control. You create dynamic views of interactive investment data combined with documents, Excels and RTF text. Now report writing is easy and fully under your control and deliverable in an attractive consumable format.

Feed your LPs with updates on latest deals to keep them engaged and ready to re-up, instead of waiting for quarter end results in stale data rooms with old fashioned documents.

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Use CEPRES data and analytics to evaluate your investments versus market trends to see if you are on target with your deal strategy. Measure trends in pricing, leverage, loss rates and more to measure your deal criteria and ensure you are choosing the best deals to optimize your investment returns. Analyze revenue and EBITDA trends and measure value creation of different market segments and apply to your own strategy.

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  • Portfolio Management

Capture, manage and analyze your portfolio holdings and view your portfolio with the eyes of an LP. Track your portfolio assets, company P&Ls and analyze their operating performance to deeply identify your strengths and the drivers of your company values.

  • Portfolio Reporting

Use advance drag-n-drop analysis to easily create your own reporting dashboards and printable reports in minutes. Take control with instant reflection of each portfolio activity into all your analysis dashboards that are shared with your LPs.

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Use CEPRES’ Award Winning Digital Data Hub to capture all the key ESG factors from your portfolio companies based on PRI guidelines. Combine, analyze and report all LP required ESG needs through CEPRES Investor Portal.

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