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As a Limited Partner (LP) professional you face a host of challenges every day. Whether meeting your target returns, underwriting the right funds in an uncertain market, portfolio monitoring, de-risking your portfolio, all have one thing in common – the demand for data!

Without timely and accurate information you can be blinded to market trends and leave your portfolio at risk. With high quality data and an audit trail based on CEPRES scientific methods and Limited Partner Services you can have confidence in the decisions you present to your investment committee.

CEPRES has developed the first Digital Data Hub for Private Markets. This delivers the most comprehensive set of solutions ever to empower LP professionals with all the data and analytics you need to collect, analyze, manage and share investment insights with your colleagues. All through a secure, easy to use, digital platform that you can configure in minutes to provide you answers that others take months or years to deliver.

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At the heart of all CEPRES solutions is The Digital Data Hub. This unique technology has catapulted CEPRES to be the single largest source of verified private markets data in the world today – currently encompassing transactional data on over 7,000+ funds, 70,000+ deals and operating data of $26+ trillion of invested companies & real assets!

  • A Secure Digital Data Network & Managed Data Collection Service

The CEPRES Digital Data Hub is an award-winning* Data Management Service that efficiently gathers & manages all your fund, deal and asset level metrics from GPs. Leverage the world’s largest private investment network to securely source the most valuable and accurate data direct to your desk. CEPRES works hand-in-hand with your GPs to handle all legal, security and data sourcing challenges on your behalf and delivers verified data electronically for your consumption. Build your own data network while benefiting from CEPRES' market-leading technology and Data Management services.

Either load and process the data in your chosen database or combine with CEPRES’ own award-winning Portfolio Monitoring system for efficient straight-through-processing.

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  • Portfolio Monitoring

Capture, manage and analyze your portfolio holdings to meet your investment goals. Track your fund commitments, co-investments as well as company operations and analyze their performance to identify your best investment strategies.

  • Portfolio Reporting

Use advance drag-n-drop reporting to easily create your own investment dashboards and printable reports in minutes. Take control and cut your portfolio monitoring costs with instant reporting instead of waiting weeks and months for every new demand.

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  • Deeper Due Diligence

Leverage CEPRES' Digital Data Hub to get access to the most relevant and accurate track record data directly from GPs to enhance your underwriting decisions. More than 7,000 funds have already joined the data network and delivered fund and deal cash flows together with Investee Company operating data.

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  • Visualization & Reporting

CEPRES helps you transform all your investment data into actionable insights. Build dashboards with visual analytics in just a few clicks. Share your Dashboards with your colleagues and make an instant impact on your investment decisions. Incorporate limitless types of charts and tables combined with headers and structured commentary alongside embedded PDFs and Excel sheets.

Instantly generate drag-n-drop reports and impress your board with deep insights on your investments brought via digital dashboards or printed reports that can be shared with decision-makers and CIOs.

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  • In-depth Market Research

Use CEPRES' comprehensive and accurate fund, deal and asset level analyses to make and test your own market thesis and underwrite your investment strategy. Gain deeper insight into the true drivers of risk, return and value to get the information you need for more effective portfolio construction.

  • Fund, Deal & Operating Benchmarks

With the largest verified private market dataset, get all the benchmarks you need from fund level returns down to deal and portfolio company metrics. Measure your investments versus private and public markets to ensure you meet your targets. Benchmark vs a universe of 7,000+ funds, 70,000+ deals and 700,000+ transactions to find all the benchmark answers you need.

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  • Risk Analysis

Analyze and manage the risk of your portfolio to meet your organization's and regulatory requirements. Apply traditional and private markets specific risk measures including Variance, VAR, Loss Given Default, Omega, Systematic and idiosyncratic risks via Alpha and Beta measures, correlations to public markets etc.

  • Risk Modelling & Mitigation

Use CEPRES multi-factor risk models to forecast and mitigate the risk in your portfolio and understand how you can hedge through smart portfolio construction to protect against market disruption.

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  • Cash, NAV and Return Forecasting

Use CEPRES multi-factor predictive models to forecast cash flows, NAV, IRR and MOIC of each of your investments and whole portfolio. Generate variable outcomes with different market conditions and see real probability distributions to understand how your ALM will be impacted in different markets.

  • Commitment Planning

Test different future allocation models and commitment plans to see how they will impact your portfolio NAV, performance and liquidity over the next quarters, years and decades. Don't rely on simplistic linear models that don't react to market conditions for your portfolio planning.

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Use CEPRES’ award-winning Digital Data Hub to capture all the key ESG factors from GPs and portfolio companies based on PRI guidelines. Combine, analyze and report all your required ESG-specific needs in one place so you can meet your compliance commitments.

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