Placement Agents & Brokers

Placement Agents and Brokers need to understand the industry across all aspects of the market and assess the trends with clear perspectives on past and present alternatives environments. Supporting recommendations and analysis with comprehensive and current industry data is an integral requirement for success. CEPRES offers absolutely unique solutions to efficiently screen, research and monitor portfolio managers in order to successfully execute and prepare clients’ investment policies.

Powerful solutions


  • In-depth Market Research

Make and test your own market thesis and use it to review your fund manager evaluation process.

  • Market Data

Gain deeper insight into the true drivers of value to get the information you need to analyze GP strategies and track records.

  • Deal Comps & Operating Metrics

Get all the information you need to build comps in one place. Choose from thousands of search criteria—like industry, deal size or deal type—to zero in on exactly what you need in minutes.

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  • Optimized Fundraising

Customizable and complete track record analysis with fund and deal market benchmarking.

  • More Accurate Fund and Company Benchmarking

Prove your strategy with true comps to your funds, deals and operating companies.

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