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CEPRES is an entrepreneurial company sharing the same value drivers as the industry we serve. We are growing rapidly, including internationally, and seeking talented, hardworking and reward-driven individuals who want to join a fast-paced and professional team. If you want to be rewarded for your contribution to the long-term growth of an exciting company, then get in touch.

Munich / London / New York – Sales Director – Private Equity / Fintech (f/m)

CEPRES combines the power of an innovative FinTech company with expertise in private equity. We are looking for Sales Director who will drive revenue growth by strategically acquiring new clients and working across the CEPRES Sales team. Responsibilities are including implementing sales initiatives and developing prospects by heavy networking, lead [...]

June 23rd, 2019|

(US) Sales Manager – Private Equity Software (f/m)

CEPRES works with leading institutional investors (Limited Partners) and fund managers (General Partners) in the segments of Private Equity, Infrastructure, Real Estate and Private Debt and seeks proven sales people with experience and an existing network of market contacts to engage. We have a unique offering that is highly regarded and experienc [...]

June 23rd, 2019|

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Jobs in the Private Equity Industry

While the private equity industry as an asset class is itself relatively small compared to other asset classes such as equities or the bond market, the range of private equity jobs within the industry is quite extensive.

In terms of players active in the private equity market, there are the General Partners (GPs or fund managers) and Limited Partners (LPs or investors), who are the main actors (the LPs invest in private equity funds managed by the GPs who then use fund capital to invest in underlying private companies). Around the GPs and LPs are a number of other organisations that serve various functions in the industry such as fund administration services, asset managers, consultants and advisors, investment banks, placement agents, and legal and accounting, just to name a few. Within each of these are a range of other niches where some firms may have specialities or offer specific expertise to clients; and then each organization would also have its own structure of front, middle and back office functions.

Plethora of Private Equity Job Opportunities

Taken together, this industry creates a plethora of private equity job opportunities, many of which require specific training and experience. For example, front office investment professionals working at a GP could require a mix of skills such as investment banking, M&A experience, business management and operations, quantitative analysis and modelling, and/or first-hand entrepreneur experience. In contrast, investment professionals working at a LP would need a different skillset that emphasise portfolio construction, modelling and management, and risk return analytical skills.

Since private equity is still considered an alternative asset class, and hence, not as “mainstream” as fixed income or stock trading, the term “private equity” still carries with it a level of cachet and mystique with the general public. So to land a private equity job, that is quite unique and interesting to those who are outside of the private equity world.