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Real asset based indices for true comparison to public markets
Helping you to answer the difficult questions

CepreX is unique in using asset level transaction data, rather than the typical fund level valuations as the source for indices. This has three major advantages that make it ideal for professional grade investors wanting to benchmark private markets.

  • Ability to look-through and across fund investments to create indices by country, sector, strategy, ticket size, etc.
  • Normalize performance over the life of investments by using a Case-Schiller methodology
  • Separate realized from unrealized developments so as to remove effect of valuations on remaining assets

Customer Insights
„With CEPRES I can complete due diligence in half the time and feel more confident in my decisions.“

Customer Insights
„We were consistently missing return targets until CEPRES optimized our allocation strategy.“

Customer Insights
„CEPRES benchmarked our infrastructure deals and helped us find investors that fit our unique strategy.“

Customer Insights
„We needed an ALM plan to mitigate risk for the next macro-cycle and only CEPRES has the predictive models we need.“