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True transparency of 340,000+ private market transactions

Helping you to answer the difficult questions

PE.Analyzer is a self-service, online platform designed for investment managers and institutional risk/strategy professionals. In today’s volatile markets, its a critical to have full understanding of underlying asset performance as fund level data alone is no longer sufficient to drive investment decision.

Unique risk, return,
loss and liquidity analytics

PE.Analyzer delivers meaningful metrics to help make better evaluation of global Private Market strategies and optimize your portfolio strategy in one easy-to-use platform.

  • fund and direct performance attribution by country, deal size, sector, strategy, etc.
  • Volatile, variance, sharp ratios, etc. to compare against traditional asset classes
  • Default, lost and recovery rates to measure stability and deliver evidence for Capital At
    Risk evaluations



Instead of being limited to arbitrary benchmarks based on meaningless criteria, PE.Analyzer lets you define your own benchmark to answer complex questions about the true market drivers of risks and returns. With over 80 investments characteristics to analyze, now you can answer the difficult questions:

  • See how GP domicile affects returns in emerging markets and difference for buyout, growth and venture?
  • Does Board Seat representation impact losses for Growth and Venture investments?
  • Which sectors maintain the best stability during macro-economic shocks?
  • How does deal size impact the volatility of returns for infrastructure in Europe?

Now you can analyze investment strategies, benchmark track records and perform due diligence all on one confidential platform and save wasted time typing data into excel.

  • All confidential data fully protected through permission only private data rooms
  • Save complex screening criteria for one click analysis and export to Excel
  • Analyze risk, losses and liquidity in addition to IRR and Multiples
  • Benchmark based on unique investment criteria, not just generic US buyouts
Customer Insights
„With CEPRES I can complete due diligence in half the time and feel more confident in my decisions.“
Customer Insights
„We were consistently missing return targets until CEPRES optimized our allocation strategy.“
Customer Insights
„CEPRES benchmarked our infrastructure deals and helped us find investors that fit our unique strategy.“
Customer Insights
„We needed an ALM plan to mitigate risk for the next macro-cycle and only CEPRES has the predictive models we need.“