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In today’s challenging environment, GPs can sometimes struggle to differentiate themselves and prove the benefits of their strategy versus their peers. Generic fund level IRR benchmarks are no longer enough to prove your track record to LPs and full 360 views from CEPRES can help convince LPs to commit to your fund.
General Partner

Your possibilities with CEPRES online platform at your fingertips.

  • Benchmark you track record vs. 340,000+ peer transactions and highlight your true alpha to attract LPs.

  • Ease LP decisions with risk, return, loss and liquidity data they demand.

  • Discover new counterparties from an exclusive community of active participants


With the deep benchmarking that PE.Analyzer offers, you can really compare your investment strategy versus your peers, including:

  • How do your investments perform versus other strategies competing for LP capital?
  • Do your investments outperform your peers in certain target sectors, ticket sizes, countries, etc?
  • Compare your IRRs, cash multiples, loss rates, volatility and cash pace versus others in your chosen strategy

With PE.Analyzer and CepreX, enhance your marketing and presentations with the most robust evidence that proves your expertise in your strategy and highlights your strengths versus your peers:

  • Use CEPRES market data to show how your investment strategy delivers inherent ßeta to an LPs portfolio (even without a significant track record)
  • Generate IRRs, cash multiples, variance, loss rates and cash pace for your marketing and presentations and show LPs how you add value and generate investment alpha
  • Deliver true asset level index(es) to prove your private strategy directly against traditional market alternatives

Use standardized data capture that cuts your time wasted on data manipulation for LP DDQs and have PE.Analyzer and CepreX help you respond efficiently and deliver the empirical data LPs need to take to their investment committee:

  • Easy, automated loading of your track record and deliver to multiple LPs in a format they appreciate
  • Track record performance attribution vs peer investments from independent data source with one-click export to Excel
  • True PE asset-level indices, acceptable to institutional risk teams, to compare your investments versus liquid equity, commodity and fixed income strategies
  • Deliver 360 data analysis including IRR, cash multiples, losses, volatility and cash pace to give LPs all the evidence they need
  • Full deal-by-deal analysis and cash flows support thorough due diligence and verification to satisfy the most demanding LP request

With one-click export to excel and formatted charts and data, PE.Analyzer also is a great portfolio reporting tool and data feed for your investors:

  • Easily report performance for whole fund or for specific sector, strategy, region, or deal, etc.
  • Deliver IRR, cash multiple, inter-quartile range, variance, loss rates, cash pace and other key metrics that LPs value
  • Automatic look-through attribution by sector, strategy, region, size and year for return and loss metrics
  • Analysis down to individual fund and investment level with direct comparison to peer investments in wider market

CEPRES delivers the first ever PE investment risk forecasting system to solve every GPs problem – to deliver the best returns on each of their investments and whole portfolio:

  • Investment and portfolio forecasting to help predict the impact of macro-economic changes
  • First ever risk based valuation system for PE assets
  • Direct support for AIFMD and IAS impairment tests
  • Individual investment and holistic portfolio optimization to enable cross strategy hedging based on macro and investment level impacts

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