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PE.Analyzer is an online platform designed for investment professionals: LPs enhance their analytical due diligence on Private Capital funds and GPs improve their fundraising success.

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Online gateway connecting private capital markets to your desk.
A private ecosystem to securely discover best-fit counterparties from all over the world.

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Alternative Investments (AI) modeling software that looks deep into your portfolio to predict your future investment outcome and optimize your commitments.

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CEPRES tools make private markets investing easy

PE.Analyzer CEPRES

Professional Products

For Private Equity Professionals

Why use PE.Analyzer?

Innovative risk, return, loss and liquidity analytics.

Designed by experienced private capital investment professionals and built on Big Data, PE.Analyzer brings smart private capital investing and fundraising to your fingertips. This easy-to-use online platform allows you to investigate market strategies, conduct industry-standard quantitative due diligence and perform benchmarking at both the fund and deal level.

  • Risk and return attribution analysis across a broad set of investment parameters including country, sector, strategy and investment size.
  • Sensitivity analysis capabilities to stress test portfolios.
  • Operating analysis to understand portfolio company level value creation drivers, deal and debt pricing, and financing structure.
  • Default and liquidity: critical analyses for an opaque and illiquid asset class such as the private markets.
  • Alpha Beta Risk-Adjusted Returns analysis to prove outperformance and corresponding risk factor.

Why use PE.Watch?

Special access to CEPRES community intelligence.

  • Private Investment Network: Connect to outstanding CEPRES GP members
  • Connect & Control: fast networking to a club of proven fund-managers

Benefits for Limited Partners.

  • Receive and review GP screening sheets in private and don’t be exposed to mass solicitation
  • Use your personal Watch-list for GP oversight and control from your desk
  • Keep your private investment strategy private and out of the media

Benefits for General Partners.

  • Receive private invitations from CEPRES-LPs genuinely interested in your strategy
  • Focus your business development efforts to best-fit counterparties
  • Keep your marketing efforts private and off-radar until you are ready to declare

Why PE.Forecast?

The only multi-factor risk model for private equity.

PE.Forecast is a professional grade forecasting and risk system that delivers advanced portfolio analysis methodologies to private market investors. Previously institutional investors were limited to guess work or simplistic and inaccurate linear models to predict cash flows and portfolio valuation for private market investments. Today, with PE.Forecast you can model your current portfolio and future commitment schedules to measure your varying future outcomes based on Monte Carlo Simulation processes. Based on the CEPRES dataset with more than 44,000 portfolio company developments across the market cycles back to 1970, PE.Forecast allows to predict macro-economic impacts on your concrete portfolio using the CEPRES multifactor econometric system and to combine with your assets for a complete multi-asset risk model.

  • Cash flow and NAV forecasting.
  • VaR, Systematic and Idiosyncratic.
  • Portfolio optimisation, stress-testing.
  • Risk management.
  • Asset allocation planning.