Release Notes

The CEPRES Team is excited to introduce you to the latest PE.Analyzer 4.7.

The latest CEPRES PE.Analyzer 4.7 release continues the digital revolution of private markets putting you, the investment professional, in full control.

The latest PE.Analyzer 4.7 release delivers powerful new features like:

  • Improved left navigation

The left navigation is slightly re-arranged for better usability. The change is for both Track Record and Portfolio Data Rooms:

– Portfolio Data tab – now contains ‘Portfolio Details’ & ‘Investment Summary’, previously named ‘Investment Details’.
– Cash Flows Tab – ‘Cash Flows’ page is renamed to ‘Cash Ledger’ and ‘Pace Analysis’ page is repositioned under ‘Cash Flows’.

  • Calculation changes

Loan to Value (LTV) is now expressed as a percentage and Capitalization Rate (Cap Rate) as a ratio. A change to the logic for Operating Metrics now provides you with the flexibility of inputting your entry and exit reporting dates.


Read the full Release Notes and more here: PE.Analyzer 4.7 Release Notes.