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Prove your investment alpha and grow your network by attracting new capital sources.


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Prove your value to clients with the most advanced, bespoke investment analytics.

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$ 11 trillion


Latest News

CEPRES PEA AIC Partnership V2
CEPRES Announces Partnership with the American Investment Council
Posted Jul. 6, 2017

We are honored to announce the opportunity to [ … ]

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CEPRES set to make asset classed investable to more people
Posted Jun. 8, 2017

CEPRES' founder Dr. Daniel Schmidt interviewed by Private [ … ]

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CEPRES worlds largest private markets network
$10.9 Trillion Makes CEPRES World’s Largest Private Markets Network
Posted Jun. 7, 2017

CEPRES proudly announces today that we surpassed $10.88 [ … ]

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Portfolio construction: the case for Private Debt in LP portfolios
Posted Jun. 2, 2017

In the latest issue of the Private Debt [ … ]

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CEPRES Private Debt Report Q3 2016
Latest Private Debt Report now available for Community Members
Posted May. 9, 2017

Available for all active CEPRES Community Members, the [ … ]

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ILPA members conference
CEPRES at Partner Expo during ILPA Members’ Conference in Boston
Posted Apr. 10, 2017

At the end of May, CEPRES will be [ … ]

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CEPRES data Bain Report
Recent tech deals outperform those in other industries
Posted Apr. 1, 2017

CEPRES mentioned in recent Forbes article in relation [ … ]

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ILPA CEPRES collaboration
CEPRES Announces Partnership with ILPA
Posted Mar. 1, 2017

We are honored to announce the new partnership [ … ]

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CEPRES at SuperReturn International
Visit the CEPRES Stand at the SuperReturn International Exhibition
Posted Feb. 27, 2017

Starting now you can meet the team at [ … ]

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New in PE.Analyzer: CEPRES Revolutionizes Private Equity
Posted Feb. 26, 2017

Starting Monday February 27th, CEPRES will showcase PE.Analyzer3 [ … ]

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CEPRES showcases PE.Analyzer³ at SuperReturn in Berlin
Posted Feb. 17, 2017

This year you can meet the team at [ … ]

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Meet CEPRES at SuperReturn China 2017
Posted Jan. 11, 2017

Mr. Simon Tang is speaking at this years' [ … ]

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Protecting From the Crash With Private Infrastructure Assets
Posted Nov. 2, 2016

CEPRES today released an analysis demonstrating how Private [ … ]

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CU click here Module 7
Module 7 available now at CEPRES University

It's early November and now we're really in [ … ]

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SuperReturn Private Credit news
Join CEPRES at SuperReturn Private Credit in Chicago
Posted Oct. 30, 2016

The conference is about to start. As an [ … ]

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CU click here Module 6
CEPRES University PE Course is already halfway through
Posted Oct. 26, 2016

Module 6, first part of EVALUATING RISK IN [ … ]

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CU click here Module 5
CEPRES University Module 5: Evaluating the Portfolio Companies
Posted Oct. 19, 2016

The PE Due Diligence Course is halfway through. [ … ]

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SuperInvestor pic
SuperInvestor 2016 Conference approaching
Posted Oct. 15, 2016

Only one more month to go until the [ … ]

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CU click here Module 4
PE Due Diligence: Advanced Quantitative Due Diligence continues in Module 4
Posted Oct. 12, 2016

The fourth Class starts today: second part of [ … ]

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SuperReturn Private Credit news
CEPRES as Guest Speaker at SuperReturn Private Credit 2016
Posted Oct. 6, 2016

Make sure you don't miss out CEPRES' presentation [ … ]

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CU click here Module 3
Learn about Advanced Quantitative Due Diligence in Module 3
Posted Oct. 5, 2016

The third Class starts today: part 1 of [ … ]

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Value Creation – CEPRES Proves Private Equity Gets It Right
Posted Sep. 9, 2016

CEPRES today released a unique analysis that demonstrates [ … ]

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Market Outlook
Buyout Boom or end of Bubble?
Posted Sep. 8, 2016

Our expert insights on Global Private Equity Markets. [ … ]

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Cepres University Slider click to video V3
PE Due Diligence Class at CEPRES University
Posted Sep. 1, 2016

It is our pleasure to invite you to [ … ]

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PDR Online Q1 2016 mkt
Private Debt & Mezzanine Market Report now available for CEPRES Community Members
Posted Aug. 30, 2016

The report includes deep analysis of $98 billion [ … ]

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Financial Services Buyouts Benchmark
Brexit Silver Lining For Private Equity Investors
Posted Aug. 18, 2016

CEPRES today released analysis showing how dislocation between [ … ]

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CEPRES media partner
CEPRES is Media Partner at SuperInvestor 2016
Posted Jul. 27, 2016

We are thrilled to participate once more as [ … ]

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v2 Deal IRR for newsletter May 2016
Proven Risk Adjusted Returns justify the Illiquidity Premium
Posted May. 20, 2016

Fund returns can’t convince on their own any [ … ]

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Market Outlook
Our experts’ insight on the Private Equity Markets now on PE.Watch
Posted Mar. 2, 2016

Recent developments in global public markets have led [ … ]

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Latest Private Debt Report for CEPRES Members
Posted Feb. 25, 2016

The latest Debt Report analyzes over 5,600 deals [ … ]

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Whats new PEA 2
PE.Analyzer February Release
Posted Feb. 22, 2016

Enjoy the latest updates we've brought to PE.Analyzer: [ … ]

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PEI international purple
CEPRES’ PE Beta Risk featured in PEI
Posted Jan. 29, 2016

"FinTech platform offers greater clarity on PE beta [ … ]

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CEPRES beta example
Market Turbulence Impacts Private Equity – Beta Risk Solved
Posted Jan. 28, 2016

PE.Analyzer's latest release now calculates beta risk of [ … ]

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PEGCC logo
CepreX PE Index featured in PEGCC Performance Update
Posted Jan. 27, 2016

The latest PEGCC Performance update now includes CepreX [ … ]

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SuperReturn International 2016
CEPRES is Media Partner at SuperReturn International 2016
Posted Jan. 14, 2016

We are thrilled to participate as Media Partner [ … ]

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CEPRES logo world map small
New in Q4 for Members
Posted Jan. 9, 2016

Enjoy the latest updates we've brought to PE.Analyzer: [ … ]

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PDI Investor logo
CEPRES Insights on Private Debt in latest PDI Publication
Posted Dec. 18, 2015

Published: Nov 2015 Authors: Dr. Daniel Schmidt Language: [ … ]

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PEA screen power analyzer
Read the latest PE Market Outlook
Posted Dec. 15, 2015

The latest CEPRES Q3 PE.Forecast Market Outlook highlights [ … ]

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webpage screenshot
We proudly present our new Website
Posted Dec. 7, 2015

We are very pleased to announce the launch [ … ]

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CEPRES Private Debt Report
Posted Sep. 21, 2015

The latest Debt Report provides analysis down to [ … ]

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CEPRES at Private Credit US
Posted Aug. 17, 2015

Executives from leading private credit companies will participate [ … ]

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CEPRES PE Market Outlook
Posted Jul. 9, 2015

Get the full PE Outlook with insights on [ … ]

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Cepres Homepage Final-01
CEPRES Community Expands
Posted Jun. 16, 2015

CEPRES universe now $1.5 trillion capital 2,000 funds [ … ]

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PE.Analyzer Latest Release
Posted May. 11, 2015

Among the latest updates for PE.Analyzer we bring [ … ]

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What is CEPRES?
See our Video

CEPRES combines the power of an innovative financial technology company with expertise in private equity. Through an online investment decision platform and community network, CEPRES enables investment in Private Equity with the proficiency of Financial Markets.

With CEPRES decision makers gain deep insights on performance & risk correlations that drive investment returns. Investment managers can design their portfolio allocation to optimize investment returns using expert analytics of 39,900+ operating companies at their fingertips.

CEPRES encompasses a network connecting buy- & sell-side market participants. Institutional Investors (LPs) and Fund Managers (GPs) interact on one platform:
– GPs confidentially benchmark their track record, attract fitting capital sources and demonstrate their alpha to investors.
– LPs forecast their portfolio outcomes, optimize asset allocations and enhance due diligence.

During the last 10 years, 100s of Pensions, Insurers, Banks, Sovereign Funds, Endowments, Family Offices and Advisors have conducted due diligence on $7 trillion of private investment value (Buyout, Growth, Venture, Private Debt, Infrastructure and Real Estate) via the CEPRES platform.

About us


  • 2001: CEPRES established as scientific institute to help investors optimize private equity/ debt portfolio performance
  • 2005: Developed investment advisory and track record due diligence database based on deal level transactions analysis
  • 2006: Expanded coverage to include Infrastructure, Private Debt, Special Situations and Distressed, in addition to Buyouts, Venture and Growth
  • 2007: Under Deutsche Bank umbrella, leveraged global network and investment advisory platform to support institutional LPs on Portfolio Strategy and GP selection
  • 2008: Engaged by Government and Sovereign Institutions (e.g. German Ministry of Economy, European Investment Bank, etc.) to optimize investment strategies
  • 2010: MBO from Deutsche Bank AG to become 100% independent company and deliver higher proficiency to private equity participants
  • 2012: Enhanced international presence with offices in New York, London, Munich and Singapore
  • 2014: CEPRES operates as an online Investment Decision Platform delivering expertise to the World’s Private Equity Community
  • 2015: $ 1.5 trillion of asset allocation, due diligence and risk management has been conducted by CEPRES platform and network

Improving investment decisions in private capital markets

  • We deliver self-service online platforms for the investment community (LPs, GPs, Advisors, Agents) in private illiquid markets (buyout, venture, growth, debt, infrastructure, distressed) that address the constraints and tightening return profiles in modern markets.
  • We are market neutral and believe the industry can be stronger together through shared information and by providing transparency together with confidentiality.
  • CEPRES brings traditional market disciplines and methods to private illiquid markets to respond to the growing internal and external regulatory demands being placed on LP institutional investors and GP fund managers.
  • By delivering the most relevant analyses, combined with the most granular transaction data CEPRES helps measure the alpha and beta for different markets, strategies, sectors and countries in illiquid private markets.

Trusted security to protect your confidentiality

CEPRES services some of the worlds´ largest and most sophisticated market participants and they trust us because we maintain the highest data security standards and protect their confidentiality at all times.

CEPRES is committed to protect your privacy and confidential data and therefore we promise our members:

  • Confidential membership with no publicity or media intrusion
  • No public disclosure of member benchmarks or league tables
  • All data anonymized and protected from scrutiny
  • No third-party resource involved in data management
  • SSL encrypted servers hosted in secure data center
  • Data held onshore in Germany; one of world’s most secure data protection environments

Solution finder wanted

CEPRES is an entrepreneurial company sharing the same value drivers as the industry we serve. We are growing rapidly, including internationally, and seeking talented, hardworking and reward driven individuals who want to join a fast paced and professional team. If you want to be rewarded for your contribution to the long term growth of an exciting company, then get in touch.

Software Developer (m/f)

CEPRES is actively looking for a qualified, motivated individual with a can-do attitude to help us to develop the next generation of our scientific risk management software and our online database, as well as to create new products and services. The candidate should have considerable experience in software development and the desire to learn more about the financial services industry.If a diverse and challenging work environment within a dynamic team is valuable to you, then this could be the opportunity for you.

Posted June, 27 2015

Haven´t found what you are looking for? If you feel you have more to offer and would like to be considered for a senior position, especially in an international location, take the initiative and send us a line at

Upcoming Events

SR Asia 2017 logo
SuperReturn Asia

Speaker: Mr. Simon Tang, Partner
Date: 25 – 28 September 2017
Location: JW Marriott Hotel, Hong Kong
Headline: The world’s gateway to Asian private equity and venture capital

For further information click here

Outperform Asia

Speaker: Dr. Daniel Schmidt, CEO
Date: 26 September 2017
Location: Eaton House, Hong Kong
Headline: Embracing disruption in the search for returns in Asian private markets investing

For further information click here

SuperReturn Infrastructure

Attending: CEPRES Partner
Date: 26 – 28 September 2017
Location: The Montcalm Marble Arch, London
Headline: Boost Your Returns. Turbocharge Your Fundraising. Benchmark Your Strategies.

For further information click here

Private Debt Investor New York Forum

Speaker: Mr. Christopher Godfrey, Senior Partner
Date: 27 — 28 September 2017
Location: Convene Conference Center, New York
Headline: The largest private debt event in North America.

For further information click here

SuperReturn Private Credit

Moderating: Mr. Christopher Godfrey, Senior Partner
Date: 1 – 2 November 2017
Location: Four Seasons, Chicago
Headline: Where The LP/GP Marketplace Meets To Shape The Future Of Private Credit Investing

For further information click here

SuperInvestor-Logo 2017

Speaker: Dr. Daniel Schmidt, CEO
Date: 14 – 17 November 2017
Location: Hotel Okura, Amsterdam
Headline: Create new contacts. Turbocharge your fundraising. Gain Market Intelligence.

For further information click here

Customer Insights
„With CEPRES I can complete due diligence in half the time and feel more confident in my decisions.“

Customer Insights
„We were consistently missing return targets until CEPRES optimized our allocation strategy.“

Customer Insights
„CEPRES benchmarked our infrastructure deals and helped us find investors that fit our unique strategy.“

Customer Insights
„We needed an ALM plan to mitigate risk for the next macro-cycle and only CEPRES has the predictive models we need.“