Digital Investment Platform for Private Capital Markets

Empower yourself with innovative solutions and secure your data to differentiate with insights.

Join the leading Investment Network between Investors (LPs), Fund Managers (GPs), Asset Servicers and Advisors.


 Limited Partners

Optimize your allocations, find the best investments and underwrite your due diligence.

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General Partners

Prove your investment alpha, ‘live reporting’ to LPs, attract new capital sources.

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Advisors & Consultants

Prove your value to clients with the most advanced, bespoke investment analytics.

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Fund of Funds & Asset Managers 

Manage your data, invest smarter, ‘live reporting’ to LPs, attract new capital sources.

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Administrators & Custodians

Secure your dataflow management, analyze & visualize portfolio data, report to regulators & clients.

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Placement Agents & Brokers

Prove your value to clients with the most advanced, bespoke investment analytics.

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Private Equity News.

Investment Decision Platform

CEPRES has developed The Digital Data Hub as the core of our online platform encompassing the most comprehensive solutions ever for Private Markets. As an investment professional, be empowered with all the data and analytics you need to collect, analyze, manage and share investment insights with your colleagues and counterparties. All through a secure, easy to use, digital platform that you can configure in minutes to provide answers that otherwise take months or years to deliver.

CEPRES’ award-winning Data Management Solution today connects over 2,750 counterparties to securely exchange their confidential investment data. Combined with the Digital Knowledge Hub that brings together over 1,000 expert analysis frameworks of leading LPs, GPs and Consultants from around the world, analysts can accelerate their work and decision-makers can feel more secure leveraging deep insights on their investment portfolios down to single invested assets within confidential and secure frameworks.

Private Investment Network

Take advantage of the largest active counterparty network between LPs & GPs around the world. Institutional Investors (LPs) and Fund Managers (GPs) interact together on one secure platform: LPs monitor & optimize their portfolios, screen the market and due diligence investments. GPs confidentially benchmark their track record, network with the new LPs around the world and use market-leading analytics to set their investment strategy or prove their alpha based on latest LP demands for PMEs, Value Creation and more. Asset Servicers and Advisors use the unique combination of controlled data access, analysis dashboarding and sharing options to serve their clients as they request it today.

Current Platform Activity

LP and GP Counterparties
Funds in Due Diligence and monitored
Companies Analyzed
Trillion Asset Value

Our Solutions

CEPRES delivers a full range of innovative solutions for the modern investment professional.

At the heart of all CEPRES solutions is The Digital Data Hub providing a secure exchange of investment data and information between global private market professionals. Combined with innovative solutions for portfolio monitoring, investor relations, due diligence, ESG, risk management, asset allocation and more, The Digital Data Hub empowers investment professionals to achieve new heights and accelerate their careers.

Designed by Private Market professionals and built on Big Data, CEPRES brings smart investing and fundraising to your fingertips. An easy to use online platform to research market strategies, conduct due diligence and manage your portfolio at the fund and deal level.

Strong Partnerships.

CEPRES is proud to partner with ILPA (Institutional Limited Partner Association), as the leading global LP association, and AIC (American Investment Council), as the leading GP association. We offer free access to ILPA and AIC members to our exclusive starting version of the CEPRES Platform. ILPA and AIC members can also upgrade to the premium version at a discount. More than 250 members of both associations have enhanced their commitment and fundraising pace during the last year.

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